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Florida’s NovaThreads offers pre-loaded Poly-Dioxanone threads for use in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures

Since their launch in 2015, NovaThreads have maintained their position as the Industry Leader and primary supplier of the most innovative pre-loaded Poly-Dioxanone threads available for use in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. NovaThread’s patented, USA-made PDO threads are endorsed and highly recommended by opinion leaders and experts throughout the aesthetic field.

As the original provider of pre-loaded PDO Threads in the United States, NovaThread’s goal is to maintain the highest level of quality in all our products. They continue to enhance and improve their devices based on constant research and development along with user feedback from their practitioners. With new threads being developed on a regular basis, NovaThread’s continuous innovation ensures that you, the artist, can focus on the craft and not the tools, by utilizing the most advanced PDO threads on the market.

NovaThreads undergo a rigorous multi-step process of quality control from production to delivery, ensuring consistency and reliability in every aspect.

Dr. Kian Karimi

Dr. Kian Karimi

Aside from delivering the best product possible, we take pride in being able to provide you access to our dedicated team of Customer Service and Sales Representatives, ready and willing to offer the ultimate in support. We also happily provide you with a vast selection of informative resources and continuous education to always obtain the best possible results for your patients. Dr. Kian Karimi, MD, FACS – Medical Director – says: “What truly sets NovaThreads® apart is the fact that they’ve been ever-restless at coming up with new innovations, while the competition has been playing catch up over the years.”

NovaThreads was created in January of 2015 after our CEO met the founders of CosmoFrance in Paris. The combination of our CEO’s ten years of experience in PDO technology, coupled with CosmoFrance’s twenty successful years in the American aesthetic market allowed Novathreads to become the number one KOL recommended, most trusted and highest quality provider of pre-loaded PDO threads in the US.

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