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Germany: Employer’s liability insurance association determines psychological stress in textile care

courtesy saath suicide prevention center ahmedabad indiaWith a new online questionnaire, entrepreneurs determine how much Corona affects their employees. Image Courtesy: Saath Suicide Prevention Center saathindia.org

Corona presents companies with some major challenges. Many managers now want to know how they can protect employees from excessive psychological stress. Help is provided by a webinar by the Energy, Textile, and Electrical Media Products Employer’s Liability Insurance Association (BG ETEM).

Short-time work, lockdown, fear of the future – Corona is turning everyday life upside down. The pandemic is not only draining the financial situation of companies and employees, but also the psyche. An online questionnaire from the BG ETEM trade association should determine whether this exposure becomes a risk in the workplace.

The coronavirus curbs distance to others, but the extensive cuts from separate workplaces to social isolation put a strain on the psyche – not only in private life, but also in the company. And this is exactly where the current stresses and strains can pose a risk to the safety and health of employees. The Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Energy, Textile, and Electrical Media Products (BG ETEM) has therefore added more topics to its online tool for determining psychological stress.

covid related responses

covid stress syndrome

BG ETEM survey determines psychological stress

The revised survey deals with Corona in seven places. For example, participants now give an assessment of whether, in their opinion, they cannot maintain enough contact with their colleagues due to the pandemic.

Another eight questions are aimed at the newly introduced home office area. For example, respondents rate whether goals and expectations of their work at home have been clarified.

“With the new topics we want to enable companies to record this burden and develop suitable measures for improvement,” explains Isabell Kuczynski, occupational psychologist at BG ETEM. It is therefore not only crucial that employees take part in the survey, but that entrepreneurs actually derive and implement concrete steps from the knowledge gained.

The effectiveness of safety officers

The aim is to develop and collect practical approaches that will make Sibe’s work more successful. Furthermore, obstacles that stand in the way of successful work are analyzed.

The German Statutory Accident Insurance e. V. (DGUV) has started a project that aims to improve the effectiveness of safety officers . Practical approaches are to be developed and collected in order to make the work of safety officers more successful. Furthermore, obstacles that stand in the way of successful work are analyzed. The DGUV would like to use your experience as a safety officer for the project with a survey . The survey is open until March 31, 2021.

The employers’ liability insurance association offers member companies numerous tools and personal advice. Entrepreneurs can find the online survey tool on the website with the web code 15176025.

The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the energy, textile, electrical and media products sectors (BG ETEM) is the statutory accident insurance for approximately 3.8 million employees in more than 200,000 member companies. It supports its member companies in all issues relating to safety and health at work. In the event of accidents in the workplace or work-related travel accidents, as well as occupational illnesses, the BG ETEM ensures an optimal curative treatment and secures the livelihood of insured people by way of financial support. Furthermore, the BG ETEM assumes liability for any subsequent impact on the health of insured cases.

Germany: Textile care in a crisis…. Too little to live, too much to die?

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