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The Adetikope Industrial Platform (PIA) in Togo is Officially Launched


After about 10 months of sustained work, the Industrial Platform of Adetikopé (PIA) was officially inaugurated on Sunday 06 June by the President of the Togolese Republic, HE Mr. Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé.

PIA: Adetikope Industrial Platform is a first in Africa. It provides industrial groups established on the platform with a wide range of fiscal advantages and modern infrastructures facilities.

With an investment of 130 billion FCFA, this flagship of the country’s agro-industrial policy is part of the National Development Plan 2018-2022 (PND) and the Government Road Map Togo 2025. The result of a public-private partnership between State and Arise IIP joint venture, this Integrated ecosystem spread over 400 hectares and located 15km north of the capital will play a catalytic role in supporting economic growth and regional integration.

In addition to the industrial zone that it will house, the platform will be equipped with a park for the storage of containers, a storage platform for cotton and other raw materials, an area dedicated to other logistics activities, road rights-of-way, infrastructure. municipalities (police station, fire station, medical center, shops, etc.) and a counter service bringing together all the required services and agencies (company registration, tax authorities, customs, immigration.) available to investors and economic operators.

90% supplied by renewable energies, this integrated industrial zone will promote the local transformation of raw materials, particularly agricultural raw materials intended for export, such as cotton, cashew nuts and soybeans. The PIA will accelerate the integration of sectors and accelerate the emergence of new industries with high potential, in the fields of food processing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive and recycling. The PIA will ultimately lead to the creation of at least 30,000 jobs and an upscaling of the Togolese economy.

The Head of State, HE Mr. Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé, said: “The PIA once again demonstrates Togo’s commitment to industrialization. Despite the difficult context linked to the pandemic, the project started on time. It was delivered quickly and is now operational. The platform will capitalize on the abundant natural resources of our country. It will ensure that Togo obtains a better share of the added value through the development of local industry for inclusive and job-creating growth. This project is just one example of what can be achieved in Togo committed to a solid development strategy combining public policy, private investments and support from international donors.”

In her opening speech, the Prime Minister, Madame Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé, declared: “With this industrial platform and the strategic partnership with the Arise IIP group, we are going to initiate a structural change in our economy, which will allow us to ”achieve our goals of inclusion, equitable distribution of the benefits of growth and better social protection.”


At the end of 2023, no more bales of Togolese cotton will be exported without having been previously processed, and the value of Togo’s textile exports will be multiplied by 12 by 2025, to reach one billion dollars.

togo-cotton#1 Superior Quality Cotton at Globally Competitive Price

Togo is one of the top ten producers and exporters of Cotton in Africa. It is in fact privileged to have direct access to the major cotton producers in West Africa, Togo’s National Development Plan of 2018-2022 prioritizes the Textile and Garment sector to drive industrialization and restore Togo’s rich heritage. These factors deeply support the growth of Togo’s textile industry and the scope to set up manufacturing units in specialized industrial zones like PIA.

Advantages Of Cotton Procurement At Pia Textile Park

  • Cotton available at a competitive rate compared with global cotton prices
  • CMiA certified cotton is sustainably sourced
  • Ready warehousing at the park

Mr. Gagan Gupta, CEO of ARISE IIP, the developer of the PIA project, commented: “The success of this industrial platform illustrates a successful partnership with the Togolese Republic, which has put in place the necessary regulatory framework to promote industrialization. Very few countries manage to turn a vision into reality, like here. At the end of 2023, no more bales of Togolese cotton will be exported without having been previously processed, and the value of Togo’s textile exports will be multiplied by 12 by 2025, to reach one billion dollars. In the industrial sector, 600 electric motorcycles will be produced daily on the PIA site from the second half of 2022, and a recycling plant will also be installed.”

Recognized among the most reforming countries on the African continent, Togo has given impetus far-reaching reforms to increase the attractiveness of the business climate, the competitiveness of the private sector and stimulate business creation.

Guaranteeing both physical and legal security for investors, Togo is a first-rate financial and logistical platform, including the headquarters of several pan-African banking groups and having in Lomé the only deep-water port in the region that has seen its freight increase in 2020.


For more details call ARISE IIP’s India Representative 91 8383057074 or write to [email protected]


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