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ITC RMG to set up 750 Flat knitting machines in the Adetikope Industrial Platform (PIA) in Togo


Textile specialist company ITC RMG to set up 750 Flat knitting machines in the Adetikope Industrial Platform (PIA) in Togo

Adétikopé, 11th October 2021PIA is pleased to announce the creation of a world-class knit garment within it’s industrial zone unit named ‘Togo Clothing Company’. The total investment is valued at USD 35 million and is expected to generate USD 40 million worth of export value on an annual basis and 2,000 direct jobs.

Sani YayaSani Yaya, Togolese Finance Minister

“The creation of the Togo Clothing Company is the achievement of a significant milestone for the recently-launched Adetikopé Industrial Platform. This success is aligned with the president’s vision to position Togo as a regional hub in the textile industry. This achievement demonstrates what bold and agile investors can do in Togo.”

Zahir SaitZahir Sait, CEO, International Trading Company Rmg

“Togo Clothing Company is a milestone achievement both for Togo and ITCRmg. This new manufacturing facility is going to generate thousands of jobs locally. Special emphasis would be in women empowerment. Technical training in apparel manufacturing, skill development and streamlining the local supply chain resulting in increased margins and reduced carbon footprint as part of our sustainability initiative would be the immediate highlights of the project.”

Togo Clothing company (TCC), has been created by ITC RMG, a company who has a solid track record in knit garment manufacturing and trading and global buyers such as Ellesse, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Kappa, Louis Philippe, and many more.

TCC will be part of PIA’s state-of-the-art sustainable textile park which will provide services along the cotton value chain from traceable cotton supply, renewable energy (including solar panels) and best in class logistic infrastructure. The garment unit construction will start in November 2021 and is expected to start operations in May 2022. Once completed, the factory will comprise a total of 750 flat knitting machines and is expected to generate 2,000 direct jobs.

TCC will meet the highest social and environmental standards and shall create a game-changing sustainable model for textiles in West Africa. The output price-competitiveness is expected to be in line with international competitors such as India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China.

About ITCRmg

International Trading Company (ITCRmg) is an India-based textile manufacturer. Since 2001 the company has produced a wide range of knitted products: sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, scarves, gloves, and caps for men, women, and children. ITCRmg supplies well-known international clients (Macy’s, Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Philippe). The company operates four production units in India.

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