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Xinjiang: Spring Sowing Of Cotton Has Been Carried Out

Xinjiang cotton sowingYarkant County is located in Kashgar Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in the ancient Silk Road. Snow water from Kunlun Mountain nourishes its soil, making it a rich land for growing high-quality cotton. See how it looks like during its spring sowing

Spring Sowing In Xinjiang

Recently, spring sowing of cotton in southern and Northern Xinjiang has been carried out in an all-round way. From the feedback from all over the country, cotton farmers are planting in large areas, and their enthusiasm is very high. There are three characteristics of cotton planting in Xinjiang this year

First, the enthusiasm of cotton farmers increased. Due to the good income of cotton farmers last year, this year’s planting enthusiasm is very high. Last month, a Kashgar cotton farmer said that it is expected to grow more than 1000 mu of cotton this year, an increase of 170 Mu compared with last year. Due to the good index of cotton varieties selected last year, the cotton varieties of “Xinluzhong 87” are still selected this year, and the cotton seeds sown are purchased by themselves. Some of the plots sown earlier showed signs of germination.

Second, some cotton ginning mills and textile mills participated in cotton planting. According to feedback from some regions, this year, many ginning mills and textile mills signed advance purchase contracts with cotton farmers or directly participated in cotton planting. The boss of a cotton ginning plant introduced that the integrated operation of cotton planting, cotton ginning and textile was better. With the rise of Xinjiang cotton industry, such a model will be more and more.

Third, the number of cotton farmers from the mainland to Xinjiang increased. According to many cotton farmers in Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other places, many mainland cotton farmers went to Xinjiang to plant cotton this year. The first is that Xinjiang has become the largest cotton planting base in China; the second is that Xinjiang has high quality and high yield, and the income of cotton planting is very considerable.

According to cotton farmers in Xinjiang, cotton planting in Xinjiang is expected to end in early May, with a slight increase in the area compared with last year.

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