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Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India Launches Covid Relief Fund: Seeking Applicants

Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) is a public charitable trust working towards empowering people in retail. TRRAIN launched the COVID-19 fund to help frontline retail employees who have lost their source of income due to COVID-19 by providing them with a short fund to sustain themselves & enrolling them in Government schemes to take its benefits.

TRRAIN founder, BS Nagesh, is one of the pioneers of modern retail and has more than 35 years of experience in retail (MD, Shoppers Stop). He is a firm believer of the philosophy of 25 years of learning, 25 years of earning and 25 years of giving back. TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India) is his way of giving back to the industry that gave him so much over the course of a rewarding career. As of date TRRAIN has successfully trained 7000 + PwDs (People with Disabilities) under the Pankh initiative.

The pandemic has caused an extended lockdown in the country, and businesses, especially the retail sector has come to a grinding halt. We are committed to helping female retail employees and their families during these stressful times, through an income bridge.

If you or someone you know

  • Has lost their job due to COVID-19
  • Used to work in a retail store, mall, or restaurant
  • Is based in in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad

and needs support in these trying times?

  • TRRAIN is supporting them by providing
  • Monetary support of Rs.4,000 over 3 months
  • Enrolment in Government schemes starting Rs. 1,000
  • Access to counseling and retail-specific courses for upskilling

Financial Aid for Women Retail Employees hit by Covid-19

TRRAIN is Offering Financial Support to
Women Retail Employees who've Lost Jobs due to Covid-19

Click here to Apply

Documents required to submit in this form: Recent Photograph, Aadhar Card, Job Termination Letter, Previous company’s Salary Slip, PAN Card, Ration Card (Optional), Cancelled Cheque or Passbook, Employee ID Card (Optional).

BS Nagesh

BS Nagesh


The brainchild of BS Nagesh, TRRAIN was born after an in-depth research was conducted amongst employees and employers, both, in modern and traditional retail. This study, conducted by an independent body, indicated that a vast majority of people working in the retail sector hardly ever felt a sense of pride or dignity because of their work. Moreover, social inclusion was hard to come by and upskilling or learning new skills was almost inevitably out of question. Unsettled by the hard hitting research findings, Mr. Nagesh decided it was time for him to give something back to the industry that had given him so much. Thus began the story of TRRAIN – Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India. TRRAIN has one vision. To empower the retail industry. By training the next generation of retail employees who will be an asset to any retail organization because of their warmth, humility and enthusiasm for work. And initiating holistic programmes that will impart a sense of pride, reward retail associates and inspire them put their heart and soul into the work they do.

Contact Details:

TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India)
304, Eureka Towers, B wing, 3rd floor, Mindspace, Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai 400064. India. 022-2844 32 60 Email: [email protected]

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