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ARED invites High School candidates to study Industrial Advertising at Vocational High Schools. Internship, scholarship and employment guarantee are given to those who choose the Industrial Advertising department in vocational high schools.

The umbrella organization of the advertising industry and the industrial sector in Turkey Outdoor Advertising Association (ARED), the annual volume of 9.1 billion dollars, 125 thousand people, providing employment represents a huge industry. ARED, which has serious work experience for vocational high schools, calls on students who will choose the High School Transition System (LGS) exam to choose the industrial advertising department at vocational high schools.

The Outdoor and Industrial Advertising Association (ARED), which has adopted the principle of seeking solutions to the problems of the industrial advertising sector since its establishment, continues its studies on education and the problem of qualified personnel in the sector. Since 2006, ARED has opened departments for the business areas of the sector in various universities and high schools. To these sections; It continues to support the establishment of workshops, granting scholarships to its students, conducting theoretical and practical courses, organizing company and fair trips, providing internship opportunities for students and employing them in the sector when they graduate, and also organizing in-service training for teachers.

Has scholarship, internship and employment guarantee

The second step of ARED was aimed at vocational high schools in order to train qualified and educated employees for the sector. With this goal, in 2008, the MoNE signed a cooperation protocol with the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education. Within the scope of this protocol, he opened two vocational high schools in Istanbul and one each in Ankara and Izmir.

ARED carries out works such as establishing workshops in these departments, giving scholarships to students in the department, organizing additional theoretical and practical courses with the presentations of master trainers, arranging trips to industry companies and FESPA Eurasia Fair, placing students in companies during their internship training and employment in the sector when they graduate. In addition to these activities, it continues to support four schools , namely Istanbul Bayrampaşa İnönü MTAL, Ankara Çankaya Balgat MTAL, İzmir Konak Mersinli MTAL and İstanbul Üsküdar Haydarpaşa MTAL , in which she cooperates in organizing in-service trainings for department teachers .

EU Project for unemployed young people

ARED has been organizing sectoral presentations and career days at universities since 2019 in order to introduce the industrial advertising industry to students and educators in relevant departments of universities and to meet the sector’s need for university employment.

In addition, EU Project including the work of providing their employability by organizing sectoral training to young unemployed who do not have professional ared in 2009, the same year that is being carried out in 25 provinces in Turkey 101 project was one of the successful 20 sample projects.

The future of our industry passes through vocational high schools

ARED President Ahmet Özdemirel said: “As ARED, we have accelerated our training activities thanks to our sensitivity to our young people who are the guarantee of the future of our country and our efforts to resolve the problem of qualified personnel in our sector. We ensure that our students in the Industrial Advertising departments we have opened in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul are trained in technical and applied manner, as well as in each of the stages of their scholarship during their education life and their employment at graduation. We invite all of our young friends who want to be a well-equipped employee and touch the country’s economy and not to experience unemployment in the future, to study in Industrial Advertising departments and join us as a sector member. Because the future of our sector goes through vocational high schools. ” expressed in words.

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