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Vito Noto Industrial Design


VITO NOTO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN has always worked to improve the user experience by designing ergonomic and functional workstations. A decisive importance to make an intuitive and comfortable approach of the operator with the machines. The continuous collaboration between engineering and design results in a constructive dialogue and a quality of development otherwise unattainable. The operator’s life becomes easier when using different machines through a consistent interface that includes textile-specific families of pictograms.


• industrial product corporate design
• interface
• ergonomie
• rendering
• communication
• pictogramms

Flagship product

Form design of machines: Our form design of machines includes the development down to the last detail, such as the interactive levels including language-independent pictograms that will also support the 4.0 aspects.

Vito Noto Industrial Design
Via dei Circoli 18
CH-6965 Cadro-Lugano

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