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Tirupur Process Houses Face Power Shortage

The textile fraternity is furious that the government increased the power tariff multi-fold but has not been able to supply quality power round-the-clock to the industries.

Production schedules in Tirupur knitwear cluster has once again gone topsy-turvy as 10-hour load shedding, apart from unannounced disruptions in power supply, is back after a brief reprieve lasting about a fortnight.“It is ridiculous that the charges have been raised for the power drawn from the grid without been able to withdraw the 10-hour load shedding which means that the industry had to bear the cost of running diesel generators during the prolonged load shedding hours plus the additional burden incurred by the hike in power tariff,” G.R. Senthilvel, secretary of Tirupur Exporters and Manufacturers Association, told mediapersons.

According to him, the State Government should take sincere steps to augment power supply from other sources of energy without playing around with its dependency on wind.

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