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List of PPE Body Coverall Manufacturers in Punjab

Automatic N95 Respirator

Dr. Cover (Venture of Grandway Incorporated)
Grandway Incorporated, GT Road,
Jalandhar Bypass, Ludhiana, Punjab, India – 141008
Helpline: 18008891232, 97795-00243
Email: [email protected]

body overall PPE Body Coverall

Body coveralls are the main component of PPE Kits. These coveralls have protective filter integrated fabrics that form a shield around your body from pollution, viruses, toxins, pollens, dust, and bacteria.

PPE Kits use special fabrics with Anti-Moisture and Anti-Heat technologies. Technologies as such can give the wearer the ability to wear these for longer periods of time and with greater comfort.

The inside of body coveralls are fitted with extra soft padded materials for a skin interaction like the best quality clothes you wear. This not only results in a better feel, but also removes all possibilities of any and all discomforts.

PPE Body Coverall
PPE Isolation Gown
PPE Isolation Shoe Covers
N95 Respirator (with valve)
N95 Respirator
Surgical 3-Ply Mask
Cotton-Based Protective Mask

List of PPE Body Coverall Manufacturers in Punjab : Max & Available Production Capacity Status (as on 27/07/2020)

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