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Company Profile: Applied Laser Engineering Ltd.

ALE has been involved in the manufacture of Functional Topographic surfaces for more than 25 years. This privately owned, company has provided leadership through innovation in the sector of laser engraving machine manufacture. These machines are used to place micro-textures onto rollers. To date, ALE has supplied more than 300 systems worldwide. Our machinery is used in an extensive range of industries having the commonality of requiring laser engraved micro-structures to provide value and function through topography.

ALE  Atlas 7 Metre Anilox Engraving System

ALE Atlas 7 Metre Anilox Engraving System

Products & Services

Our range of Laser Engraving Systems is special purpose machinery involving a high precision machine bed integrated with novel mechanisms and optical instrumentation together with specialized electronic, optical, computerized and laser equipment.

Machines range from 0.8m-7m roller length capability and up to 1m diameter. Laser type and wavelength are application or material specific. Materials processed include metals, ceramics, rubber, natural and synthetic polymers. We are constantly developing our range of products to increase productivity, reduce production costs and to meet specific customer-driven requirements.

Contact Details:

Kyle Dixon
Applied Laser Engineering Ltd
Unit 7 Ember Centre
Lyon Road
Surrey, KT12 3PU

Tel: 44(0)2089411101
Fax: 44(0)2087831348

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