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Eurojersey introduces a new fabric for sportswear

With the launch of Symbiotic, Eurowersey displays all the performance characteristics of Sensitive Fabrics that are able to adapt to the shape of the body and interact sensibly with the skin. “Perfect for training and toning muscles in all sports, even the most extreme, they combine unique characteristics with flexibility and protection”, they emphasize from the company.

Sensitive Fabrics act in perfect symbiosis with the body at all times, facilitating any movement in any context, thanks to the built-in elasticity through a patented textile development.

“Like a second skin when worn, these fabrics offer unique properties from breathability to high heat transfer, they dry quickly and therefore avoid rubbing against the skin. These long-lasting fabrics will not lose their shape or volume even after frequent washing and use. “, stand out.

Eurojersey - Italian-made patented range of warp knit fabrics called Sensitive Fabrics

And they conclude: “Thank you to your temperature regulating properties and UV protection, as well as a sunscreen SPF 50+, allow the user to exercise safely and confidently in all weather conditions, and they adapt naturally to the body without restricting movement or irritating the skin ”.

Watch the video of Eurojersy’s production plant

Eurojersey s.p.a. : Founded in 1960, EUROJERSEY is a reference point in the sector of Italian-made warp knit fabrics, thanks to its patented range called Sensitive® Fabrics, selected by major brands for sportswear, readytowear, intimate apparel and swimwear markets. We work with a fully integrated production plant, from knitting to dyeing, through finishing and printing. Underpinning the Company’s success is a business strategy that combines innovation and constant attention to quality with the sustainable development of large-scale production.

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