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Profile Of Ishwardi EPZ, Bangladesh

Ishwardi EPZ 1

Ishwardi EPZ

Ishwardi EPZ Profile Info

Published date: 31-May-2018

Established : 2001

Zone area 309 Acres
Number of industrial plots 290
Plot Size 2000 sqm Avg.
Tariff for Plot US $ 1.25 / sqm / year
SFB Size 20420
Tariff for SFB US $ 1.60/sqm/month

List of Investors in Dhaka EPZ, Bangladesh

SrCompanyInvesting CountryProducts
1A-One (BD) Ltd.ITALYKnitting & other Textile pdt.
2Actor Sporting Ltd.HONGKONG, CHINACaps
3Alfa Packages (BD) Ltd.BANGLADESHPaper Products
4Alfa Patterns (Bangladesh) Ltd.MALTAGarments
5Alleiance Stitches Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMKnitting & other Textile pdt.
6Austan LtdAUSTRALIAFootwear & Leather goods
7Avant Garde Fashion Ltd.SINGAPOREKnitting & other Textile pdt.
8Bangla German Latex Co. Ltd.GERMANYMiscellaneous
9Ben Bangladesh(Pvt) Ltd.BANGLADESHPlastic goods
10Bengal Petrochem and Synthetic Textiles Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
11Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics Limited.BANGLADESHPlastic goods
12Beximco Fashions Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
13Bexter Brenton (Bd.) Clothing Mfg. Co. Ltd.CHINAGarments
14Bureau Veritas Consumer Prod.Serv(BD)LtdU.S.A.Service Oriented Industries
15Charming Trim & Packaging (BD) Ltd.CHINAGarment Accessories
16Cherry Intimate LimitedBR. VIRGIN. ISGarments
17Daeyu Bangladesh Ltd.S. KOREATextile
18Dhaka-Beijing Dyeing and WeavingBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
19Dhakarea Ltd.S. KOREACaps
20Dong Bang Facilities(BD) Ltd.S. KOREAMiscellaneous
21DongA Leather LimitedS. KOREAFootwear & Leather goods
22EOS Textile Mills LimitedITALYTextile
23Epic Garments Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Unit-2HONGKONG,CHINAGarments
24Etacol Bangladesh Ltd.FRANCEGarment Accessories
25Everway Chemicals (BD) Ltd.S. KOREAChemical & Fertilizer
26Experience Accessories Co. Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMGarment Accessories
27Experience Clothing Company Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMGarments
28FCI (BD) LimitedUNTD KINGDOMGarments
29FEM Accessories LimitedBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
30Flagship Dhaka CETP (BD) Ltd.SINGAPOREService Oriented Industries
31Geebee Garments Industries Ltd.INDIAGarments
32German Chemicals Ltd.BANGLADESHMiscellaneous
33Global Labels (Bangladesh) Ltd.SPAINGarment Accessories
34Goldtex Garments Ltd.CHINAGarments
35Goldtex Ltd.CHINATextile
36Grameen Knitwear Ltd.BANGLADESHKnitting & other Textile pdt.
37Gunze United LimitedS. KORIASewing Thread
38Hangers Plus (Bangladesh) Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMGarment Accessories
39Helicon LimitedUNITED KINGDOMGarment Accessories
40Hin Getah Bangladesh Ltd.JAPANMiscellaneous
41Hop Yick (Bangladesh) Ltd.BR. VIRGIN. ISGarments
42Hyopshin Company LimitedS. KOREATextile
43IDEAL Fastener (Bangladesh) Ltd.CANADAGarment Accessories
44IL Kwang Co. Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
45Intimate Suppliers Ltd.HONGKONG,CHINAGarment Accessories
46J & J Medical (Bangladesh) Ltd.S. KORIAMiscellaneous
47Jae Mee Embotitch (Pvt.) Ltd.S. KOREAGarment Accessories
48Juksan (BD) Ltd.S. KOREAGarment Accessories
49K.B Iinterlining Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
50KBC Chemicals LimitedBANGLADESHMiscellaneous
51Kryolan (BD) Ltd.GERMANYMiscellaneous
52Kung Keng Textile (BD) Co. Ltd.TAIWAN,CHINATextile
53L Z Fashion Wear LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
54Lasting Spring Metal Industries Ltd.TAIWAN,CHINAGarment Accessories
55Lenny Apparels Ltd.INDIAGarments
56Lenny Fashions LimitedHONGKONG,CHINAGarments
57LSI Industries Ltd.TAIWAN,CHINAGarment Accessories
58M.Y. & Union (BD) Ltd.SRILANKAMetal Products
59Mainetti Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.NETHERLANDGarment Accessories
60Multimax InternationalBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
61New Star Hilon Co. Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
62New Star Oriental Ltd.S. KOREATextile
63Osaman Interlinings Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
64OTL-Doublegull Manufacturing Co. Ltd.CHINAMiscellaneous
65Paddocks Jeans Ltd.GERMANYGarments
66Paxar Bangladesh Ltd.U.S.A.Garment Accessories
67Queen South Textile Mills Ltd.HONGKONG,CHINATextile
68Redpoint Jackets Ltd.GERMANYGarments
69Regency Packaging Ltd.INDIAGarment Accessories
70Retail Technologies LimitedBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
71Ring Shine Textiles Ltd.MALAYSIATextile
72Savar Dyeing & Finishing Ind. Ltd.S. KOREATextile
73Savar Industry (Pvt) Ltd.BANGLADESHFootwear & Leather goods
74Savar Sportswear Company Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
75SBC Garments Accessories Mfg (BD) Ltd.CHINAGarment Accessories
76SBF LimitedJAPANElectronics & Electrical goods
77SGWICUS (BD) LimitedS. KOREAGarments
78Shanta Denims LimitedHONGKONG,CHINAGarments
79Shanta Industries LimitedUNTD KINGDOMGarments
80Shanta Washworks Ltd.HONGKONG,CHINAGarments
81Shasha Denim Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
82Shine Fashion Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.INDONESIAKnitting & other Textile pdt.
83Sinsin Poly LimitedS. KORIAMetal Products
84Softex Sweater Industry(Pvt.) Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
85South China Bleaching & Dyeing Factory Ltd.HONGKONG,CHINATextile
86Styrax Fashions LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
87Sungnam Textile Mills Ltd.S. KOREATextile
88Swan Interlining Co. Ltd.S. KOREAGarment Accessories
89Swan Lon Co. Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
90Taiwan Bangla Specialized Textile Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
91Talisman Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMGarments
92The Accessories Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
93Tigerco LimitedBELGIUMGarments
94United Power Generation & Distribution Company LtdBANGLADESHPower Industry
95YKK Bangladesh Pte Ltd.JAPANGarment Accessories
96Young Optics (BD) Ltd.CAYMAN ISLDSPlastic goods
97Young-A Textile Co. Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
98Youngone Hi-Tech Sportswear Ind.ltdS. KOREAGarments
99Youngone Synthetic Fibre ProductsS. KOREAPlastic goods
100Zong Sine Textile Ind. Ltd.TAIWAN,CHINATextile
Ishwardi Export Processing Zone (IEPZ)
Ishwardi, Pabna
General Manager Mobile No.:01711-419246
Phone: +880 731 59002, 731 59009
Fax: +880 731 59008
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