Embro: A Leading German Manufacturer of Smart Textiles Embroidery


There is no such thing as “impossible“ in our vocabulary. We are looking forward to master your challenge.

Embro is a German manufacturer of innovative technical textiles for smart applications

smart-embroideryThere´s nothing, what Smart Textiles are not able to do! The intelligent textiles (also called wearable/functional/E-Textiles) conduct, heat, send, receive, measure and can even glow, whereat their textile characteristics will be preserved.

By embroidery process it is possible to place finest braids (as far as 0,04mm), coated fibers, light conductors, hoses or other sensible materials with highest precision and reproducibility, who can be processed with other production procedures only hard or it´s impossible. An essential advantage is the free choice of fiber materials and carrier fabrics. No limits are set to the application possibilities.

Especially in the areas of Medicine and Sports these Wearable Textiles becomes more and more important, as they supervise vital functions or stimulate muscles. Meanwhile, also Aerospace as well as the Automotive industry have recognized the potential of E-textiles and increasingly rely on the smart fabrics.

Textiles with functions are the future!

Key features of Embro Smart Textiles:

  • Textile characteristics are preserved – flexible & expandable
  • Highly conductive
  • Dependably & longlasting
  • Washing resistant
  • Efficiently and low-priced producible
  • Heat resistant

Examples of Smart Textiles Uses:

  • Heated clothing
  • Glowing textiles with optical fibers
  • Flexible conducting paths for signal transmission
  • Tailored Fiber elements (shoes, parts)
  • Inductive Solutions


ambro technica embroidery

Embro is specialist when it comes to the development and production of technical textiles & smart textiles using spreading machines.

Embro is specialist when it comes to the development and production of technical textiles & smart textiles using spreading machines. Conductive threads, strands, wires or heating conductors are laid on carrier materials using computer-controlled machines. The fixation is done by sewing/embroidery technology and offers a permanent, highly flexible connection.

Thus it is possible for us to manufacture the following elements, among others, completely individually:

  • Highly flexible, electrical heating elements (12V, 24V, 230V, etc.)
  • Functional textiles for medical technology such as textile electrodes for TENS devices
  • Highly flexible RFID antennas
  • Textile sensors & conductive textiles & tapes
  • Smart textiles & safety textiles
  • Composite applications (dry preforms)
  • CNC – laser cuts & molded parts made of textile.

Technical embroidery is a subsection of computer- or machine operated embroidery. It is sometimes called 3D-embroidery as during the process conductive wires or fibres are placed onto base materials virtually in 3D.

Two major areas are combined in the term technical embroidery:

Tailored Wire Placement – Wire laying

Concerning the Wire Placement as the name suggests a wire is placed onto the fabric and secured in place by sewing or embroidering over it. A strong but highly flexible connection is the result of this technique. The position and layout of the wires is freely selectable. This enables us to place the targeted function (heating, antennas, sensors) exactly where they are needed. Tailored wire placement is also a way of producing textile wires and flexible electronic structures.

Tailored Fiber Placement – Carbon laying

Tailored Fiber Placement - Carbon laying

With this Technology glass, aramid or carbon fibres are laid out on a base material in an orientation that ensures optimal tensile strength. Dry preforms are thus manufactured productively and with high repeatability. As fibres are placed most exactly, a virtually discard-free work process is achieved.

Embro is known for technical textiles and textile composites with supreme quality made in Germany. If you are looking for a partner in the manufacture of smart textiles and industrial textiles, look no further. Sticktech in pure!

Innovation is part of Embro’s day to day work and is rooted within the cooperation between research and development, electrical engineering and textile finishing. Embro produces technical textiles made in Saxony. Because of the use of innovative fabrics and materials these can easily be labelled as textiles of the future.

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