We became a $ 9.1 billion giant! July 7, 2020 at 6:08 am

Outdoor and Industrial Advertising Association (ARED) under the leadership of industrial advertising sector in Turkey continues to grow rapidly . With an annual volume of $ 9.1 billion, the industry has become a giant employment army of 125,000 people. According to ARED, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, industrial advertising will now grow with technology.

125 thousand people employed in Turkey, who represent the army and Industrial Outdoor Advertising Association (ARED) is celebrating its 20th birthday. Representing a giant sector of 9.1 billion dollars as of 2020 and aiming to be the pioneer of innovation for 20 years, ARED has continued to increase the support the sector needs.

Association name updated

Twentieth anniversary celebration of the ARED perform online due to the outbreak, organizations in Turkey, together with all the presidents who served since spoke of the outdoor advertising and industrial history. Upon the evolution of the signage profession in line with the developments in technology, ARED updated the sub-fields of activity of the sector. It established professional standards with relevant official institutions and defined the new name of the industry as ‘Industrial Advertising’. In the light of these activities, 20 years after its establishment, it updated its name as the Outdoor and Industrial Advertising Association.

It will grow with technology

Turkey in a short time in the technological development of competitive sectors with the President stating that ARED has become one of the advertising industry grow with each passing day Özdemirel Ahmed said: “Our industry is in fact a hero who had hidden in every area of ​​life. We touch every area of ​​life, from city furniture to petrol stations, ATMs to fairs, from tradesmen signs to direction signs. As ARED, we aimed to support the growth and development of the industry in 20 years. We will continue to work with all our strength for the sector, which has reached a size of $ 9.1 billion by 2020. We know that industrial advertising will grow with technology and develop with digital screens and we aim to increase the development for the sector in this field.

What has ARED done in 20 years?

ARED, which is the only association representing the sector since the first day, has opened departments for the business areas of the sector in various universities and high schools since 2006. These sections; It continues to support the establishment of workshops, granting scholarships to its students, conducting theoretical and practical lessons, organizing trips to companies and FESPA Eurasia Fair, providing students with internship opportunities and employing them in the sector when they graduate, and also organizing in-service training for teachers. Emphasizing the importance it attaches to education at every opportunity, ARED organizes theoretical and practical trainings that are demanded and needed by the sector representatives, oriented to sectoral or personal development. In addition, while bringing the works that will set an example to the sector companies with the public through the ARED Awards Competition organized for 6 years,

Turkey general in 29 provinces and TRNC representative who ared with the Turkish business associations of the umbrella organization which TURKONFED and SEDEFED with industry FESPA of international associations and federations in order to represent the international arena, has membership in the ESF and the ISA.

Partner of the industry fair

ARED, in partnership with the international federation FESPA (The Federation of Screen and Digital Printers Associations), which ARED is a member of, has participated in the FESPA Eurasia International Large Format Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Textile Printing and Industrial Advertising Fair, the first of which was held in 2013. held in Istanbul in December of the year.

FESPA Eurasia Fair offers participants and visitors a platform supported by the right content, interactive seminars, workshops and live events where they can follow the latest developments in the sector in the world, receive training, develop their vision and design freedom, learn new information, rather than a fair where only products are exhibited. FESPA Eurasia 2020, the largest fair of the industry , will be held on 3-6 December 2020 at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM).

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